Pueblo County Gets Discount Prescription Benefits

May 23, 2010

Pueblo County RX Prescription Card

Pueblo County RX Prescription Card

Pueblo County Commissioners have announced a partnership through the National Association of Counties to offer prescription drug benefits to be administered through CVS Caremark Corp.

Commissioner John Cordova said “this is for everybody”. The plan is not an insurance plan but can be used by all Pueblo County residents whether they have insurance or not. It’s reported that many households do not have any or very limited prescription coverage with their health insurance plans. This program will allow anyone to receive an average of 22% off the regular retail price of prescription drugs that are not covered by any insurance plan. It’s been reported that all pharmacies in Pueblo County have agree to offer this discount. The discount is also offered by most major chains.

There are no restrictions and limits on how many times you can use the card. All commonly prescribed prescription medicine is included – both brand and generic.  The plan also offers discounts on prescriptions through veterinarians for medicines that are used by people.  The plan also provides for discounts on some diabetic supplies.

Please note however, that this plan is not insurance.

For more information you can logon to the caremark website at

A link directly to the card can be printed from here.

You can also pick up the card from the Pueblo County courthouse (215 W 10th st), the Pueblo City-County Health Department (101 W. 9th St, 719- 583-4300) and the Pueblo County Social Services and Human Services department (212 W 12th St, 719 583-6160).