Bring Power Home – Call to Action

January 25, 2020

Call to Action: City Council Meetings
It is very important that you attend these three (3) very important City Council Events happening on Monday, January 27th at 1 City Hall Place.   Let Pueblo Vote rally outside City Hall at 5:00 PM. City Council Work Session in City Council Chambers at 5:30 PM. City Council Regular Session in City Council Chambers at 7:00 PM.   More information in the articles below.
Pre-City Council Meeting Rally January 27, 2020, 5:00 PM In front of City Council Building 1 City Hall Place     Bring Power Home will sponsor a Rally to show City Council and the media that we want to breakaway from Black Hills Energy’s control and unfair practices. City Council needs to see a great showing of 100 people or more in a sea of green shirts.   Please show your support and wear your green shirts or pick one up at the rally.
City Council Work Session January 27, 2020, 5:30 PM City Council Chambers, Fourth Floor 1 City Hall Place   A presentation to City Council regarding a public water and power utility will be shown at the City Council work session. There will be two presenter at the work session:   Mr. Seth Clayton, Executive Director – Pueblo Board of Water Works Mr. Reg Rudolph, CEO – San Isabel Electric Association
Read Work Session Agenda and Slideshow
City Council Meeting January 27, 2020, 7:00 PM City Council Chambers, Fourth Floor 1 City Hall Place   Please wear your green shirts or pick one up at the door.   On the agenda will be Black Hills’ second reading and vote on an ordinance approving an agreement between the City of Pueblo, and Black Hills Colorado Electric, LLC, prohibiting municipalization of electric utility service until 2030 in return for a bunch of (mostly empty) promises. This agreement would only go into effect only if the voters vote against public power, but the giveaways will look like another alternative to public power. Don’t be fooled! They are nothing compared to the millions we will save year after year by turning to a public power utility.
Read the complete Black Hills ordinance
Also on the agenda is the first reading of the Mayor’s Plan for Public Power. The plan is a proposal to let the citizens decide on public power in a vote on May 5th. The campaign supports this plan! It sets up the Pueblo Water Board as a Water and Electric Board, with elected board members not under the control of City Council or the mayor. It authorizes the Water and Electric Board to buy Black Hills’ poles and lines (and more!) It allows them to contract with another entity to manage and operate the utility if they so choose. It allows them to borrow money to buy the Black Hills system at low interest rates and pay it back over time with our electric bill money. It’s a good plan.   The Council will vote on this plan and the proposal to let the citizens vote on it on Monday, February 10th at 7:00 PM. Mark your calendar! But also, the city council could discuss this plan and try to amend it at next Mondays’ council meeting. We’ll be there to let them know how we feel about those changes!
Read the complete Public Power ordinance
If you would like the mayor’s ordinance to be placed on the ballot to let Pueblo vote and If you dislike the ordinance Black Hills Energy is proposing please show the Council how you feel.   They only see around 20-25 people supporting Public Power. Black Hills Energy has been filling the chambers at every City Council meeting concerning this issue. Lets get 100 or more, in a sea of green shirts, showing the council our feelings about Black Hills Energy’s ordinance.   Please wear your green shirts or pick one up at the door.