Pueblo Business Outlook Pale

October 3, 2011

In July, the Pueblo Chieftain published an article entitled Pueblo Scorecard 2001. In that article the prospects for the Pueblo community doesn’t look to shiny.

Pueblo County has lost 2,600 jobs since 2008 and unemployment has been 10% or higher for much of the year.

Home permits for the first six months of the year had reached 70 permits.

Retail sales in Pueblo County was up 2.7% from the fist six months of the previous year.

Some of the areas largest global companies didn’t fare much better with Vestas posting a 48% decline in stock value, while Rocky Mountain Steel posted a 22% decline. Other companies posting losses on that list included; Sears/Kmart, KMG Chemicals, Wells Fargo, GCC, Black Hills Energy, Target, Ingersoll-Rand/Trane, Convergys, AT&T, US Bank and Express Scripts.

As of May, Pueblo was showing a jobless rate of 10.1%, with an estimated 7,600 people unemployed, the highest of any metro area in Colorado.